Our goal is to provide a range of services based on a client’s capacity and business needs.


Fund Finance/ Back Office Support

SDS provides New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Allocatees with a comprehensive, transparent and efficient operational platform to  manage their tax credit allocations. Our experience is built upon our creation and management of the National New Markets Fund. We have deployed NMTCs to help facilitate more than $1.6 billion worth of projects. SDS' services are scalable and can be structured to include all or certain combinations below:


Compliance and Accounting:    
  • CDFI Allocation Agreement
  • Subsidiary CDEs (Sub-CDE) Formation/Certification
  • CDE and Sub-CDE Operating Agreement Review
  • CDE Investment Compliance Certificates
  • CDFI Fund Allocation Tracking System Updates
  • Investor Notification Letters and IRS Form 8874
  • CDFI Investment Reporting Requirements
  • Semi-Annual Substantially-All Tests
  • Redemption Forecasts
  • Semi-Annual Closed Investment Transactions Review
  • Procedures Manuals
  • Transaction Accounting for Sub-CDEs
  • Loan Servicing
  • CDE and Sub-CDE Financial Reports
  • Information Management for Audit and Tax Purposes
  • Third Party Tax Preparation, Audits and Agreed Upon Procedures (AUPs)
  • CDE Asset Management Assistance
  • Sub-CDE and CDE Investor Reporting
  • Allocation Reports for CDFI, IRS and Investors
  • Covenant Requirement Management
  • NMTC Closing Coordination
  • Investment Document Management
  • Eight-Year Investment Budget
Advisory Board Services:    
  • Documents and Procedures
  • Quarterly Meetings (Coordinate/Document)
  • Project Impact Reporting and Approvals
  • Board Process or Membership Improvements
  • Low-Income Community (LIC) Compliance