About NNMF

National New Markets Fund, LLC (NNMF) is a joint venture partnership between Strategic Development Solutions and Economic Innovation International, Inc. The Fund has received $477 million in New Markets Tax Credit Allocation awarded by the United States Department of Treasury.


Investment Footprint
While NNMF has the ability to invest nationally,  we limit our investments to communities with the highest levels of economic distress. We target projects in the Gulf Opportunity Zone and various communities throughout the South and Great Lakes region. NNMF will consider investments outside of these areas if they meet the Fund's impact criteria. NNMF reviews investment opportunities on an ongoing basis.


Investment Criteria
NNMF targets real estate development projects and investments into businesses and nonprofits that have strong potential to improve communities by creating and retaining jobs, building wealth, increasing wages and providing essential community services such as healthcare and education.


NNMF targets projects that are:

  • Located in areas that face endemic poverty issues, high unemployment and crime
  • Supported strongly by the public and private sectors, community leaders, and residents
  • Likely to catalyze economic revitalization in the surrounding community and its infrastructure