DBL/TBL Funds: DBL Handbook
The Double Bottom Line Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the field of Double Bottom Line investment private-equity funds.


SDS is a pioneer in the creation of Double and Triple Bottom Line (DBL and TBL) private equity or debt investment funds. SDS and Economic Innovation International, Inc. have helped develop, originate and close over $2 billion of Double Bottom Line real estate and enterprise funds for clients around the country. In addition, SDS directly manages a growing family-of-funds, now capitalized at $567 million, which invest in targeted areas across the country.
SDS sponsored funds and fund platforms are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the capital users, achieve the targeted level of investor returns and promote the intended economic and/or community impacts.

These funds seek to achieve three bottom lines:
First Bottom Line
Provide market-rate returns to investors
Second Bottom Line
Invest in real estate projects or businesses that create jobs and economic opportunity within low-income communities
Third Bottom Line
Support environmentally-friendly and sustainable green buildings and activities
SDS assists its clients across the country and internationally in creating, structuring and capitalizing DBL and TBL funds and conducting post-capitalization activities.

DBL/TBL Publications by SDS CEO Deborah La Franchi

“New Markets Tax Credits: A Growing String of Successes Across the Country,” Economic Development Journal, Vol 9/Number 4/Fall 2010, explains how the once-obscure NMTC program has become a critical funding source for projects in low-income communities across the country.


"The Double Bottom Line Handbook" provides a comprehensive overview of the field of DBL investment private-equity funds and is available as a FREE read-only PDF download or can also be purchased as a hard copy via Paypal.

The Double Bottom Line Handbookk DBL HANDBOOK: Free PDF Download