Sustainable Communities Fund

Sustainable Communities Fund (SCF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by the principals of SDS and Economic Innovation International, Inc., Deborah La Franchi and Belden Daniels. SCF is capitalized predominantly by revenues from NNMF investments,  including a portion of the loans made by NNMF which are repaid and donated to SCF. SCF  began actively investing in 2011.


Our mission is to alleviate poverty and achieve environmentally sustainable solutions by investing in organizations that are providing innovative high-impact financing and technical assistance initiatives to communities and individuals suffering from economic disparities.


SCF is a revolving investment fund that provides below-market debt or equity to small business and micro-finance as well as community venture capital funds that have a demonstrated track record of success and impact on low-income communities. Success is measured through the investment’s ability to significantly reduce poverty as well as to repay the investment or principal and generate some level of return to SCF.



These investments will:

  • Focus on prototype investment programs that are likely to expand and can be replicated
  • Target the most socially and economically distressed communities in the nation and world
  • Utilize our capital for financially sustainable and re-generating purposes
  • Address economic disparities through investing and lending
  • Support jobs and economic development for disadvantaged residents of low-income communities
  • Maintain low overhead to maximize dollars invested
  • Reinvest all investment returns back into low-income community ventures


To learn more about these investments, visit SCF’s website: