An integral part of the success of Strategic Development Solutions is our collaboration with our team of experienced partners.  We work with our partners on a range of projects in order to ensure that our clients receive the benefit of our collective expertise.  Our primary partners are:
Economic Innovation International, Inc. was founded in 1970 by international banker and educator Belden Hull Daniels, and is recognized for building more than $150 billion of privately capitalized, innovative institutions that generate wealth and high quality jobs worldwide. In partnership with SDS, Economic Innovation has also pioneered the $20 billion Triple Bottom Line private equity industry. Economic Innovation partners with SDS to manage The National New Markets Fund, LLC, a seven-time New Markets Tax Credit allocatee with a combined allocation of $427 million.

The Partnership:

SDS and Economic Innovation are affiliated partners that operate as one firm on a range of projects. The two firms partner on many initiatives to create cutting-edge approaches to economic development through the use of market-rate capital and innovation in the market-place.
Cinnaire (formerly the Great Lakes Capital Fund) and its affiliates have invested over $1.5 billion in housing and community development activities. Cinnaire, established in 1993 as a nonprofit community development finance organization, helps socially responsible corporations invest in affordable housing and community economic development activities in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and Upstate New York. It raises capital from corporations and financial institutions and invests those resources in real estate development partnerships.

The Partnership:

SDS, Economic Innovation International, First Infrastructure and Cinnaire partner on an array of funding initiatives throughout the Great Lakes region. Each initiative has the underlying goal of increasing funds available for economic development from private equity, bond financing, and New Markets Tax Credits.
First Infrastructure
First Infrastructure Inc. combines public and private financing tools to facilitate alternative energy and infrastructure development programs across the U.S. Its founder, Steve Klein, has worked for 30 years in infrastructure finance, investment banking and the credit markets. Mr. Klein began his career by providing policy and program development consulting (in partnership with Belden Daniels and Economic Innovation International) to more than 15 state and local governments.

The Partnership:

SDS, First Infrastructure and Economic Innovation International work together to help state and local development finance organizations build capacity, particularly in alternative energy and infrastructure finance. The three partners currently serve as advisors to the U.S. Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program.
 logo De Paolis & Associates Dr. Fernando DePaolis is an independent consultant focused on designing and implementing quantitative economic analysis. Dr. DePaolis has eighteen years of applied economic analysis work within the United States and overseas, including consultancies for national and local governments, and a wide range of national and international non-governmental organizations. He is also a professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (Monterey, CA), where he teaches courses in quantitative economic analysis, including use of IMPLAN and other programs. Dr. DePaolis holds a Ph.D. in urban planning from the University of California, Los Angeles.

The Partnership

SDS and De Paolis & Associates partner on creating impact reports for our clients nationwide. Dr. De Paolis acquires economic and fiscal data, prepares an economic model, undertakes the analysis and prepares the taxpayer return on investment for our Impact Reports.